My 2016 Demo Reel



Hello guys, this is my updated Demo Reel for 2016,
lately most of my works are stage designs and sketches, so I did not include those stuffs, but i will try to show more on my blog post.

Happy thoughts,


2015 (Sep) FPSO world congress

Event video for FPSO World Congress 2015.
you guys know the drill:
1. opening video followed by
2. lots of text, images, powerpoint slides and video inserts, then an
3. ending title sequence flies in.

I came up with the looks based on client story which was to show a lot of elements.
For this video I had help from our Senior Technical Director on how to achieve the effects with max.

2013 (Oct) Epson projection mapping

Fun project. we were animating 3 rooms forming and assembling, projected to a real room with a couch and cabinet.
at the same time we are projecting at a pair or manequin and some building blocks.
Its a epson event showcasing their projectors – I dont know why they used a low end projector for this.
I lost the video and pics I took when i had a bad cash Loosing all my works